We make our preliminary preparations in line with the production demands from our customers. We collect the incoming requests and start our work.


We use all kinds of fabrics needed for sample making productions in the desired qualities, in the right weight, in the desired color or in the print.


As Mirsatex, we produce products such as sequin accessory models, corporate rigging and strainer by following current trends.


With our fabric knitting machines, we easily produce different models of knitting products for our customers. With our knitting machines, our single jersey and lycra fabrics are produced according to the wishes of our customers. It manufactures sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases from all kinds of knitted fabrics.


We develop products and create knitwear knit products and samples with the desired properties. We produce according to the wishes of our customers.


Our expert staff in the planning department saves time by improving the flow of processes. In this way, our products and services are delivered on time.


In line with the general working principles of our business, your products are cut completely and precisely with our staff who have the knowledge and skills to cut in the most efficient way by using tools, equipment and equipment effectively.


As Mirsatex, we can embroider the desired pattern with our state-of-the-art machines in line with customers' requests.


Sewing is the most critical point in order to produce quality products. With our sewing machines in different models and our expert staff who do the sewing process, our products meet customer demands in a perfect and high quality way.


Our most important goal in Quality Control is to develop, implement and effectively implement plans and programs that will enable the production of a product that will meet the demands of our customers and the general purpose of the business together at the most economical level possible. To minimize the errors that may occur in the products and to ensure the delivery of perfect products.


Our products are meticulously packaged with the most suitable materials. Our packaging processes are carried out carefully in accordance with the process after the packaging section.


The final shipment of our products is carried out. Our products, whose packaging and quality control processes are completed, are delivered to our customers completely and completely with the most suitable shipping method.